Ridonkulous! Paint at C’est What


ressed in stylish black, Paint came onstage in full roomlight.

Honing their set in preparation for the upcoming shows and the CD filled with tasty goodness Paint unleashed a go-for-broke devil may care Silver and Gold infested show.

After launching into Let Go charismatic singer Robb Johannes greeted the crowd with a cheery “We are Paint and this is week 3 of our 4 week residency at C’est What. Thanks for being here. Thanks to Sarah Smith. Big hand to Sarah. She’s one of our heroes—one of our inspirations.”

Once again the walls of C’est What tumbled down as the room reverberated with Paint’s ebullient sound and spirited delivery, searing guitars scissoring into the consciousness. Paint’s music can be an exclamation point to the world. But in its quietest moments it is introspective and haunting.

Who can turn the world on with her smile
Who can take a nothing day and suddenly make it all worthwhile.

Yet in counterpoint to all the proclamatory with a shout is Mandytalk, lively chit chat and banter from Paint guitarist Mandy Dunbar with the crowd breaking down the barrier between stage and band. Mandy commended the crowd for turning out for the show after endured the Valentine’s Day before, a busy “ridkonkulous” day she had to endure herself working in a fast food restaurant when she is not being a pop star.

Indeed there is the common bond and feeling all bands experience hitting the road and rehearsing and then on gig day hauling and packing gear and driving and setting up just to reach that moment of stage high that makes it all worth while, if just for one night. Such is the link between Sarah Smith and her part in the Joys who gig constantly and Paint in some form of mutual admiration society. Home is a song for all bands who go on the road. “It’s about that last stretch on the road when you’re coming home at the end of a tour.” One surefire thing you can say about both Sarah Smith and Paint is they more than leave the impression they will never shortchange their fans.

Can Paint be the next U2? Their songs are more than catchy enough, the melodies are direct, their dedication to the music and the sacrifices they make to go tour and play anywhere there is a stage, scousing through fests and showcases, they have an endearing ingenuousness about them, talking amongst the strangers after the show so that the new fans don’t remain strangers anymore, well-attuned to their radio friendly audience and an awareness of the antecedent scene and the legacy they inherit.

So talking about radio, Paint fans out there in the making get ready for the Paintcast Paint Broadcast. The Tuesday show will mark the end of a remarkable time with a remarkable group of people and all six members of the retinue— a residency reminiscent once upon a time experienced watching a band in its ascendancy called the Cowboy Junkies upstairs in the time when the Phoenix was still the Diamond—the gradual progression in the size of the crowd sitting in the room then cramming themselves onto the floor around the chairs and tables—so fans and curious alike should try to catch Paint on the rise while they can for after Tuesday aside from Canadian Music Week and a show at The Drake the band slide back into the studio routine.

One more show!


Midnight Matinee 24's Paint @ C'est What #3 - February 15, 2011 photoset Midnight Matinee 24
Paint @ C’est What #3 – February 15, 2011 photoset


Midnight Matinee 24's Sarah Smith @ C'est What - February 15, 2011 photoset
Midnight Matinee 24
Sarah Smith @ C’est What – February 15, 2011 photoset

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Midnight Matinee 24's Mittenz @ C'est What - February 8, 2011 photoset Midnight Matinee 24’s Mittenz @ C’est What – February 8, 2011 photoset

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