Tuesday welded with Paint


Sigh of sadness here but sigh of relief in the Paint camp as the fourth and final Tuesday of the Paint residency in February comes to an end. If only they could have welded one more Tuesday onto February or if this had been a leap year, but nooooooo! next Tuesday has to be March hare madness.

Hello My Name Is Rock & Roll’s Enemy

So adorning our favourite Hammer City Roller Girls t-shirt [it was the only Derby shirt not in the wash] we highed it down to C’est What to be met by fifth Paint member of the entourage Rachel LaGroix at the door [you talk too quickly – we wanted to buy the Life in the Day ] and it was by sheer fortuitousness that the opening band for Paint for the night was Hamilton Trading Co. with guru Keith Hamilton [who later noticed the Hammer City t-shirt] on vocal and the one guitar leading the heavenly choir of voices behind him.  It’s admirable that one man can inspire so many to form the assemblage behind him.

After la comedie nouvelle de Bridget Tobin avec les impressions autruche, il faudra Paint a faire tourner le monde.

Le bonheur est salutaire pour le corps, mais c’est le chagrin qui développe les forces de l’esprit.– Marcel Proust

Paint came on stage with little fanfare.

On this night the band was a chequered affair literally, striking a balance between earnestness and delivering a rockin’ and rollickin’ performance borne of the cadre de vie. The tables in the C’est What basement floor were well-crowded. In the milieu Mandy was a wicked and wild thing and making the mic sing and the stoic Marcus a solid foundation on awesome bass and Andre driving everything  with some around the beat clash and crash.

The special feature of the night was the radio live transmission of the Paint show to the wide world over the “Internet” on C’est What radio, Paint’s setlist stretched to an hour filled with Paint’s greatest hits that justified the judgement of the audience who had voted for Paint for the 102.1 competition.  Paint was this collective on stage, moments of lashing out in wild abandon intertwined with haunting moments that soared from a whisper to a scream. Not for them a permanent state of solemnity and Brit style dourness. There was laughter. Mandy about to apply for a job and wondering if she should mention she was a musician. Andre about to get his head knocked out again. Robb had to impart his Empire Records background into the mixture.

I love the way that Paint have such a sense of confidence and savvy ease on stage without striking a pose or swagger. Robb can engage with the audience drawing them into the fold and making it feel special – the ringing guitar during the middle of Home when Robb strips down naked sans guitar and sings his favourite Smiths tune [or sometimes a certain With Or Without You] – then Mandy can bust the moment like a pin the balloon with a quick jibe in an instant when proceedings might seem to get overprecious. Hence I am Rock & Roll’s Enemy would swing nto action. With another showcase at CMW on the horizon on March 12 Paint seem to be honing their act bouncing songs around in their setlist but Let Go and End of the Reel will always lead in and everything from the killer tune [not those killers] If The Walls Could Talk down to She Leaves remain. Strangers remains their pitchmark connecting them to their crucial fan base in CFNY land and let it be known all Paint fans Paint will travel to all nether lands beyond only to be with you. To that end Paint will descend into the darkness of the Velvet Underground to be blood ties fodder for CMW on March 12. Coming in between is a pair of shows this week in Brampton and Kitchener and then the March 3 gig in the west end at the Drake. Noted shows in the past includes faves The Joy Formidable [along with The Joys] who are entering the Torontosphere in April. Who knows what is possible?

I can only conclude as we go into Tuesday withdrawal:

PAINT HAVE THESE SONGS THAT HAVE THIS MADDENING ABILITY TO STICK IN YOUR HEAD. THEY ARE THAT DAMN CATCHY. You try having Madonna and If The Walls Could Talk choruses and more Mandy sing-y vocals repeat in your head all day over and over. Behind Paint’s ring and chime of guitars is a rhythm and pulse that comes from the spirit of independent and imaginative rock.

 Keep your faith and conviction ye princes and princess of Paint as I walk through this wicked world. And what am I supposed to do on Tuesdays now? Watch Glee? The horror, the horror.

/… more to come

More Paint shows coming up this weekend! Brantford Friday @ Liquid Lounge, Kitchener @ Maxwell’s on Saturday, The Drake March 3, CMW @ Velvet Underground March 12, The Rivoli March 17! And more to come.

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