/* We are Paint and we are from Toronto */

PAINT [Toronto] w/ REVOLVER [France]
The Drake Underground
Thursday, March 3, 2011

Scootering westward into Parkdale was a new lease on life.

One time at band camp

Descending downstairs into the basement of The Drake Hotel the refurbishments had stripped away all vestiges of the days gone by whence Pure had brought their whole lightshow and setup into a mangy basement or a whole slew of bands ranging from Drop Nineteens to Mary’s Danish had come and gone. And more than one or two Elvis Mondays.

What we found was some swank surreal surrounding that would have found its place in Mulholland Drive.


A maitre’d du jour led the way downstairs. What we found was some swank surreal surrounding that would have found its place in Mulholland Drive.
A red curtained stage caught the stage lighting as the elegant crowd blended into the darkness and disco light swirl.

Determined to prove they could hold their own against Revolver, their counterparts from France this evening, Paint launched their opening salvo and declared themselves: “We are Paint and we are from Toronto.”

With self-assuredness Paint ploughed through their setlist with a go-for-broke attitude.  Mandy on stage right tried to make Revolver – the top band of the bill for the night –  feel at home by trying not to speak French but delivered a rambling tale of travelling through Europe with backpack and facing the daunting challenge of the Paris metro and asking for directions. All directions lead Home during which Robb the man in black for the night mimicked another tall lanky dude who looked good in black at Massey Hall once upon a time in the guise of Jarvis Cocker of Pulp and delivering a sing song chorus of Common People. Prefacing their introduction to video song du jour Madonna Paint once again pointed out this single was not about the Like a Virgin one and took their shot at the Lady [performing that night at ACC] who will never be the Immaculate One. It was a night for breaking ground, much stage banter and chemistry on the much larger stage while Andre concentrated so hard on drums and even a small smile on bass from the usually stoic Marcus. The room was filled with Paint’s towering anthems and keening guitars. Another pleasing rendition of Nick Lowe and Elvis rounded off another exemplary night – and all their hard work and numerous gigs since January [60!!] is proving to be a solid lead-in and build-up to Paint’s forthcoming concert at CMW this Saturday! and working in the songs for the new album they begin recording in April. Which will liberate their manager just in time for Derby season.

/… more words on Revolver later


Midnight Matinee 24's Paint@The Drake - March 3, 2011 photoset
Midnight Matinee 24’s Paint@The Drake – March 3, 2011 photoset

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