Hear Mittenz Hear Them Roar to the Eye of the Tiger

The Silver Dollar Room
March 5, 2011

The Silver Dollar harkens sighs and sounds from numerous Elvis Mondays and groovy neon friendships and Laughing Apples and even Cowboy Junkies on August nights packing the blues bar back when Elliot Lefko was running the show. Times have changed and so has the Silver Dollar inside. All the bright lights and sprawl of tables and bars and poles and mirrors and doorways and steps leading up to the stage have disappeared but the place still retains that rocky raucous sound of the blues – photos of stars past such as Muddy Waters still line the walls in commemoration of a day gone by.

Mittenz on this Saturday night carry themselves on the stage with all the brash and sass of The Pretenders in their first album period. Everything about them is open and ingenuous in the good way – this was mayhaps their second full gig as a rock quartet with dextrous and tricky drummer Lindsay Bird who has a way of spinning the sticks – nothing looks affected as the grrls truly rock out with guitars hewn as battle scythes and axes. And it is all fun fun fun and go go go go-go’s as they exhaustedly keep a non-stop never stop dancing and prancing and happy mood on stage- belying a tough exterior of tattoos and Laura on bass with baseball caps and Emily Bones and Mary Deth wearing matching punk rock prom queen dresses with such élan [albeit with different touches and fits] that you dare not even think of mocking them.

We still admire their captivating stage presences and non-stop charm offensive coupled with retrofit vocal stylizations bringing out the joy and woebegone of the original Juliana Hatfield and Blake Babies or Kay Hanley a la Letters to Cleo [who may be more familiar to some as the actual vocalist behind goddess Rachael Leigh Cook in Josie and the Pussycats].

Mittenz may be playful as kittenz but you should hear them roar. And they delivered the final knockout punch of the night to the mighty Mittenz rendition of Eye of the Tiger.

See and hear Mittenz next on [International Women’s Day March 8 at Harbourfront]] then April 1 at the Hard Luck.

/… more photos and words to come
Another note of the night as Mittenz hit Lady Caca with their best shot. This is their video version.


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