Top of the Paint – thanks for sharing!

Paint put on a towering performance of epic guitars and stormy drang.

There could have been a letdown after the frenetic build-up of gigs leading up to CMW and the night itself, but Paint let loose volley upon volley of memorable quotes and quips and even a few tunes or more to be soldered onto their impending new CD. Hook upon hook of hook laden captivating upon captivated songs and chancey choices in the order of the setlist that left the drummer bewildered and really having to bear down through all the spirit of green beer infused into the St. Patrick’s night crowd.

It was a sort of homecoming night with the assemblage of three Vancouver oriented bands each with their own musical slant with Paint [who transplanted itself into the East] leading the show, then there was Joel Battle with The Autumn Project topping the bill.

Robb on Gibson feeling nostalgic and pining for the rainy days and rainy nights of Vancouver [and we’re talking about the leaks through the roofs inside the clubs] talked about a wicked sodden night spent with a girl in a club [which did not quite seem wise with the Paint manager around] being the inspiration of a song.

[photos contained herein courtesy of Paint, Paint management or midnight matinee]

The heart attack moment of the night was the the lady with the red guitar actually speaking to yours truly. Our night was made.

/… more to come

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