Happy Birthday Mary Deth ! Mirth and mayhem at C’est What


Emily Bones inviting the crowd to jump

With a dash of panache and birthday cake at C’est What on Thursday, Mittenz gave a doublehappiness joyful performance.

The punk princesses of Mittenz follow their own path along the DIY trail set before by the likes of Courtney or Babes in Toyland. Mittenz may be more like punk muppets in dresses but don’t let first appearances deceive you. They are amazingly nice people in person on stage or off. So that is all for real.


Happy mirthday Mary Deth

The occasion at C’est What was a celebration of two birthdays, Eduardo the singer of newly transplanted to this city Dolly Shot, and Mary Deth, one of the guitarpixies of Mittenz.

Mittenz were really dolled up for an evening out of Pretty in Pink, starting off in prom dresses before Emily Bones and Mary Deth switched to matching frocks and Laura remained in character as the tuxedoed beau or belle as it may be acting as consort for the ladies. Lindsay Bird was Lindsay Bird.

Badassbass and wickedrums rocked loud and remained the solid foundation as the twin guitars frolicked and let loose merry and flying hair and mayhem on stage. And this was without any trace of inebriation. Or maybe a slight bit.

Their set was the breath of brevity encompassing new songs and the Lady Gaga cover that may become their trademark. Compare the stage version of The Girl Who Stole The Sun with the pristine folky duo acoustic guitar version heard on themittenz.com site. While the band is looking forward to their first CD which is still in the recording stages and hoping for the summer release before the big Summerfolk fest, they are remaining as active as ever in the scene, Laura can elaborate for you as they head towards NXNE and Pride Week and more announced gigs in May and June.


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