Bloody well right Paint at Silver Dollar

DSC_1158-Edit, originally uploaded by Midnight Matinee 24.

MAY 12, 2011

While this may be a little late in the writing, we felt we had to write something right nonetheless lest it go forgotten.

Those not present at the May 12 return of Paint to the Toronto scene missed a show of remarkable proportions. Time concentrated in the studio has aggregated a brand new Paint – the secret weapon being the very be very aggressive stance and posture of Mandy on guitar whose Corganstylings have taken over the Paint sound. As always the laconic Marcus on bass more Entwistle laidback than usual but noodling up and down the neck in complex time with the Andre of the weavy in and out of beat – which brings us to the enigmatic puzzle that is the lead singer and guitarist who is a jack of all trades from mirthful comic icebreaker in the making to frontperson and greeter of crowds. Oh, his name is Robb.

While the set only featured one new song to come from the new CD, it is evident the recording process has brought out the harsh angularity and romanticism of Vienna Lillywhite compounded over the lush and languid Lanois beauty in the bloody red Paint.
The setlist was all too brief condensing six songs into forty minutes but they sallied forth, conversing and playing in what was a clear preparation for a NXNE showcase, mixing up the conventional order of things starting off with In Disguise and ploughing into the strident If The Walls Could Talk which has been a natural closer to the end set song. Home is the natural black and white song with the call and beck refrain where Pulp and Smiths fan can sometimes land on something familiar. Girl in a Frame and She Leaves were as catchy as ever but man, that crunch in the guitars. And ending with the track from the first recording Can You Hear Me. It’s all one song. And one grand experience. Paint, we missed you.

Listening to a rough mix of the second CD now and it absoooooooooooolutely kicks it. On the initial runthrough the mix sounds dry, but filled with the emotive vocal stylistics from the singer and a passionate rumbling bass and guitar. Drums are rock solid. This album Where We Are with new songs Boomerang continues Paint’s foray into catchy pop that inherits its influences and spins them into something new for the modern era. 

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