Inside the Paint Factory – part deux

The nexus of the argument was the 20th anniversary of the Nirvana concert in Seattle memorialized and just released on DVD and part of the twentieth anniversary package of Nirvana. For Robb Johannes, he would have been too young to remember the day of the show. For me, the concert was twenty years ago.

As we watched Kurt singing his heart out before the plaid and paisley crowd the next phase of the Paint evolvement was already shaping up. Criticizing Johannes for not being able to play guitar left-handed, he countered that he could barely play guitar as it is. Hence, he was shedding the guitar on stage for the next stage of demi-godness – the solo singer. The ensuing brawl ensued as the Liam and Noel brother Gallagher counterfoe argument raised its head versus the unlikeability of Blur who had poured water on our head during the photographing of their show at Ontario Place – where once again the nebulousness of Johannes’s age came to light as he avowed to not having witnessed Blur live but countless Neil Young shows. Including the seminal Paint influence of Pearl Jam and the Neil Young combo at the first of two Pearl Jam shows in Toronto [as opposed to PJ Harvey or the darkness of Portishead].

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