Greetings again! #paintband and #mittenz bring something to twitter about to C’est What

The walls of justice or injustice came tumbling down as Paint and Mittenz celebrated their recent court case victory in City of Toronto vs. Paint poster.

There has been a plethora of change within these two favourite bands of this city, although recently #mittenz have been touring all over Ontario during the summer and fall and creating a commotion at the Niagara Falls Hard Rock Cafe.

The departure of Laura has reduced #mittenz to a trio but they are still three bundles of fun. On guitar remain one Mary Deth and one Emily the two wives of #mittenz and Lindsaybird spinning and twirling on drums. The little interactions that used to be a regular stage occurrence still happen in their offbeat way. Music? Hailing the advent of a new CD with a preview two song CD #mittenz is still too good to be kept in the underground. However, C’est What is about as underground as it gets in Toronto as you descend down the stairs into a near posh den of beers and music from a stage that can barely contain a handle of #mittenz jumping around for music joy. Soldiering on through their repertoire with Lady Gaga never far away brought back summery memories of the first time we saw Paint and Mittenz trouncing each other together [even though it was a February of this year].

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