It’s been such a long time


Have not visited here in a while – all due apologies to all Gentle Readers out there – life in #derby has been taking over. But there have been more than a couple of interesting shows that have been witnessed and perused lately.

This comes from September 25th at Nu Music Night at The Horseshoe Tavern here in Toronto.

It was like going back to the beginning of it all when we first saw Paint. Although Mandy and Andre and company have been superseded, the singer seems to still be in place with a drastic new look and hairdo.

Paint has a leaner sound now but still replete with power crunch from Nathan with flying hair and ringing guitars when singer Robb Johannes still deigns to doff the six string.  The stoic Nik on bass is just the solid Adam Clayton rooted in place [and he knows it] foundation for the band [which is why is still in Paint]. Drums are different now, not the syndrum percussiveness of the past, just driving on the beat.

The crowd for an 8:40 p.m. show. Pretty extraordinary considering the time of night, but when it’s The Horseshoe, you come when they say so, because everything runs like clockwork. It could have been a 20 minute showcase or an hour show. No matter what, Paint had to come on like gangbusters and lay it on the line. The ever changing Home was daring, venturing into Stones territory [so appropriate considering the history of The Horseshoe venue]. With less guitar to play changes the Paint singer into more of a showman with a natural flair for moves, but probably has to bump his head on the ceiling a few more times or hit the floor to approach the crowd find his limits.

Paint, rockstars and entertainers with a sincere change the world with heart attitude.

The shots from the night are at

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