The Incomplete Enigma

The following is strictly an op-ed piece. There is no correlation to reality or fiction.

This is a story about rock and roll in the making or what we call The Incomplete Enigma.

Based upon a lifetime of experience in candid and casual conversations, it can be observed he is a man dressed in black on stage not because of style but because it helps him to blend into the murky miasma that is the rock and roll stage. The band itself has gone through the transformations that bands inevitable go through, stemming from one’s aspirations or demands or callings in life.

Cultivating the persona means making less of him obvious to the masses. It is the characterizaton on stage that cultivates the band, not the band. It is the observer that defines the idiom, the man in the band only delivers the package in little drips and lets the audience brew the rest. The man on stage is not the illusionist trying to fool the crowd. There is no disguising the myriads of influence of style and styles. Watch that man on the floorboards, watch him jump. It is of the moment. Playing the game, pah! They set their own rules and travel their route they set in their own packed car. Ambition is a pressure filled jam in a jar. Art is in eye of the poseur or the poster.  Whether it is the era of Bauhaus or the animated the poster beckons the observer to see the artist in front of the screen behind the paper and on the stage. The show must go on. The band travels in circles cultivating estimable colleagues and guests who become future cohorts for a night or even more, creating allies.  Delving down dark roads. Prophetically taking a path less chosen.

So why is this called the incomplete enigma. He is completely disingenuous when he says record labels do not matter.  Decrying injustice to others while his own wine cupboard goes barren,. Defying authoritarianism in a world meant to be democratic or compassionate. That thee path of independents and independence. goes out to the smatterings of the pseudo independents is of little significance. Staying true to the path no matter how long and winding. Lyrics drip with irony or self-evidential discovery and a touch of the positive. Effect change, change the world. The persona, with the person is no contrivance, it is the real deal. And that is the why of the Incomplete Enigma.

The show must go on.

Who? Where? C’est What? When? Why?

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