Once upon a time in Paint

Scan021 Paint setlist

Once upon a time a long, long time ago – [postscript: from February 15, 2011]

Thought I would add some early notes from a Paint show. Not sure when this was. It was a good time nonetheless with this rendition of the sound.

Paint has gone through lots of revelations since, and is barreling ahead with a slew of shows comprising a month of Tuesdays this month of October 2013 at C’est What. Paint have been their own openers playing at 9:30 p.m. and then mingling with the crowd in an effort to chat and get to know each other early on. Spicing up and adding a laugh to the night has been a line-up of comedians taking a five minute turn on the stage. You never know what the world finds funny or sardonic. Getting to see Jenna Strautman doing double duty last Tuesday and getting double pay performing with her two bands of the moment Rotary Dial and that band Paint in both she plays bass with more prominent vocals and flute and presence in Rotary Dial.

At the moment, Paint are putting up a hell of a fight and making their presence more known to the world – a visual project on the go and new songs on the fly for the next ep.

From their website at http://www.paintband.com

Starting today, Paint has begun an IndieGogo campaign to raise funds for the following endeavours:

* The production and recording of Paint’s next EP (!);

* The production of a black-and-white narrative film to accompany the EP;

* Completion of the Capsulated DVD compilation of all 10 music videos from Where We Are Today plus bonus videos from Can You Hear Me? and special features; and

* Completion of the “Boomerang” music video, which is currently in post-production

Paint are the masters of hope: “Despite the seemingly equal platform of the internet, this is truly the most difficult time in history to be a musician. The market is so oversaturated with bedroom demos and this can discourage, overwhelm, and simply confuse audiences to the point of just tuning out. We’re just grateful that people keep coming back to see our shows. We’re varying our setlists and giving something different each time we walk on stage, as well as respecting our audience and their intelligence more than most “pop” acts do by challenging them with music that has some social and intellectual content, and inviting them be part of the experience of telling the band’s story. I think that’s why we’re going to survive.”

So what else can we say for the here and now: where we are today is help support the hardest working bunch of musictypes in this city and all manner of good things will boomerang back at you.



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