FILMERGE Gala at Toronto International Film Festival

“For the first time at TIFF 2015, Filmerge, an independent filmmakers’ collective established in Toronto, is hosting the Emerging Filmmakers Gala this year happening on the 15th at the Studio Event Theatre over on King St. West. Originally founded by a group of Toronto filmmakers, Filmerge focuses on independent talent and helping each other break into the industry.

The Emerging Filmmakers Gala is, of course, one of the events they have created in order to get the upcoming filmmakers acquainted with some of the best professionals in the industry. At this event, the newcomers who want to be known are considered VIPS. There are five film projects getting funds raised on this particular special night. These include a science fiction rock opera called 11:11.”
— Hollywood North Magazine

Throw a little gala party for FILMERGE Emerging Artists during TIFF 2015, add a little Paint, spin some music from DJs and you have a first class evening for everyone replete with fashionable overtones. Hosted by Liz May and Ryan Stephenson Price (who directed 11:11) who have emerged after two years to debut the film during TIFF at the Royal Cinema on September 11, 2015. Paint, fronted by the writer of the film Robb Johannes, performed a set of new and classic tunes that night, including a certain Modern English tune.




The rest of the photos in this collection from FILMERGE Gala are here at the Flickr site [click on photo below]:



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