Paint on display


“Toronto, we are Paint.”

The bravado introduction of the band to a cinematic night ahead.

Connoiseurs of Paint will be familiar with their movie 11:11 [released late 2015 with its red carpet premiere at the Royal Cinema in Toronto].

That movie only served to further whet their taste for the big screen. Paint are no stranger to rendering musical visualization, hence the  Reservoir Dog narrative Boomerang or the Where We Are Today multiple video project.

With the massive scale of U2 Rattle and Hum in mind, Paint took to bring their own concert to life in a club that was as familiar and intimate as home.The backroom of the Cameron was as densely packed as Sun Devil Stadium was for U2 in Rattle and Hum. A white overhand curtain behind the drum kit awaited the projections for the night while the Paint underground sign and the oversized letters that spelled out the name of the band decorated the rest of the stage.

Inveterate veterans of Vancouver and Toronto, Paint have made their mark with a larger than life be your own hero (the main singer did run for Mayor of Toronto after all) mentality that is reflected in the lyrics and live sound that has rumbling undertones of classic  Manchester from yesteryear.

(dis)PLAY is an barrage and explosion of kinetic ideals and thoughts, transcending walls and barriers. Visuals from 11:11 behind the live soundtrack performance, newsclips and silent era movie clips counterpoint and superimpose over the loosely tight performance of the band bathed in the blue light.

Lyrics and moral of the story. Bonfire of the Vanities. The overall soundtrack tunes, whether they be autobiographical or apocryphal, memoirs or reflections can be funny, strident or when at their best pop edged. The concert is a procession through the history of the stalwart band. The cinematography pans and sweeps and reveals the cameras front of stage trying to keep up with the moody dynamics of the band [the only flaw in the concert scenes is the one or way too many back of the head shots of the photographer present front row, admittedly long time such.]

Sing it.

By the time the concert is over the traveller has is on the journey back to home.


Kiss the weekend goodbye

Kiss Kiss the weekend goodbye
Thought it was a Friday
Was only a Thursday
So today is not the weekend
Only thing to do is cry
Kiss kiss the weekend goodbye
Still another day away
I diet on the weekend

Ignored all the signs
The radio announcer working on the wrong day
Guess it wasn’t Saturday after all

Lost a whole day
kiss kiss the weekend goodbye

bad song lyrics day
sung and played in the manner of The Killers