Fire and Ice – Dirty Jeans at GRRRLS NIGHT Out

It took a cold wintry day to embrace the fire and ice of trio Dirty Jeans at Central where the Grrls Night party was in full roar.

The Central 603 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 2L7 GRRRLS NIGHT

Dirty Jeans

Where: The Central 603 Markham Street, Toronto, Ontario M6G 2L7

The noisy club as narrow and confining as it was afforded little room to move. Dirty Jeans merchandise was laid out on the table – cd, shirts, even a white sleeve with vinyl – while the camera was unloaded and loaded. Nonetheless the outside world continued to pour in packing the place wall to wall, back to front. Overheated by the throng of young fans in contrast to the frigid clime outside, the band went into overdrive. To quote” “it was super busy in there.” There were the usual kerfuffles with cords or amps and soundchecking which only add to the elements of live club shows.

The showtime conditions were so eerily reminiscent of the Sonic Youth show at the Warehouse packed to the gills, shooting through the crowd and tall heads chaotic get what you can when you can. On first encounter, Dirty Jeans hailing from the area of the Hammer could be called a fun bunch blend of Babes in Toyland and punk rock frenzy. Lindsay Bird [known from an early incarnation of Mittenz or Anti-Queens] is the manic we got the beat drummer who finds the one and can down a pitcher of water in a go. Ashley Sloggett is guitar, Kelly Boag is bass.

When a band deserves an encore, they get an encore and unfurling their rendition of Runaways classic “Cherry Bomb”.

Then it was back into the frigid outside to pack the camera gear away and discuss motor drives with one of the punters and then others going in to shoot their shots in liquid form. Meanwhile, it was just a walk up the streets to the remnants of the blacked out Honest Ed’s and the subway home back to suburbia.



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