Nights and Days of Joy Division

At the Bay subway station on a summer night there was a young lady waiting for a train. It was hard not to notice the Joy Division shirt she was wearing.

The timing had to be more than coincidence [as Gibbs on NCSI says: “I don’t believe in coincidences”].

At the moment, we have been pouring over shelves of record stores acquiring the odd bits of Joy Division Substance [alas on 180 gm vinyl] and laughing along with the words of Peter Hook in Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division

and sighing over all the band histories so casually talked about in The Hacienda: How Not To Run A Club.

While still not having finished reading to the end of either in these early days, there is a reader’s wistfulness nonetheless knowing what is to come [there is no disguise to the fact by Peter Hook in Unknown Pleasures as he references the portrayals of singer and lyricist Ian Curtis in the two films 24 Hour Party People and Control].

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