11 P.M.
FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013

On the night before the stroke of midnight which would mark her birthday, The Anti-Queens launched a total sonic destruction showcase featuring their tunes and their new wares: brand new EP and t-shirts!

Hardened veterans now, all semblance of innocence and naiveté knocked out of them, they got down to the business of being  The Anti-Queens. They still are dedicated to fun on stage with a few goofy moments, but with the clock ticking on their NXNE 2013 platform [albeit small platform at the Bovine Sex Club] the full floor were presented with a hair-whipping, rocking good time, capped at midnight with beer and shots to mark the birthday of Emily.




PAINT @ NXNE 2013, a set on Flickr.

NXNE 2013
10 P.M.
SUNDAY, JUNE 16, 2013

Another NXNE comes and goes.

Paint comes to the forefront at Magpie on a Sunday night to close the proceedings for another year.

The show at the Magpie reveals some new stellar changes to the band, including brand new bassist Jenna Strautman [from Dreadful Starlings] at her first NXNE. Talking about burying the lead. It was hot and sticky and rock and roll in the steambath that was the Magpie, [which was a bit of a shock given the coolness of the night air outside]. Certain old songs from the Paint repertoire emerged again from Can You Hear Me such as its lead track Don’t Blow Me Away, Strangers and the video song Madonna… To begin anew with new mates, sometimes you have to start at the beginning and relearn or learn the songs in the portfolio with a fresh ear. Through the transition that has been Paint it has been a pleasure and puzzle to see and meet the various new members of the band and guests along the way. The lead singer still needs a haircut. Where We Are Today is almost Where We Are yesterday as additional tunes comes in the perpetually changing repertoire. The band that wants to change the world. That is Paint. With a female bass player. There is a rock god out there.

Blisters in the ears – Day 3 – NXNE 2011


little foot long foot - NXNE - 8 p.m.

Blisters in the ears and all things good on a Friday night at NXNE, edition 2011. A night to be spent down at Comfort Zone, kitty korner down from Silver Dollar Room where we had survived a crush from Mittenz to Crocodiles.

In the murky black and black lighting of comfort zone, little foot long foot rocking it out on keyboards and guitars. From nearby Toronto, this quartet set the tone for the night with muddy howling blues and it was only approaching 9 p.m.


The Young Things with mod twists at 9 p.m.

The Young Things were given the kick onto the stage. If you were expecting the likes of Peter and Bjorn young types, the New York, New York band were neither pretty faces in mode gear nor young things whistling jaunty tunes. Instead, live The Young Things beckoned with their lyrics a la mode de Kinks. Dedicated to pop and all good things rock, it’s so easy for you to laugh with elemental hooks from Get Back vs. Dancing in the Streets vs. Let’s Spend the Night Together. The night is a success so far, and a giveaway of a few CDs of their tunes on myspace.


The Vandelles pounding out a merciless beat

Despite Lulu on bass apologizing for rocking out on her perch from the high seating on stage because she wrecked her back, The Vandelles were the highlight of the night [not that everybody else rocked less or less outstanding, it’s just that The Vandelles were the band we had to see]. A wash of melodic feedback with a Velvet touch and loud, piercing wall of guitar that recalled the best of Lush and Jesus and Mary Chain. Must find their vinyl.


My Skin Against Your Skin at 11 p.m.

My Skin Against Your Skin hail from Taiwan. And having absorbed every punk rock nuance into their soul, these are not My Little Airport artisans. The three piece of bass, drums and vocalist with dead drop gorgeous model looks have learned their lessons from Shirley Manson crossed with Avengers. The bass was treated through a floorlength of pedals, the drummer at the back trying not to look out of place. The singer slippery and snakey, slithery and sexyyslinky, Sandii and the Sunsetz in punk style Chinese skin. But polite and impeccably adept in English, so there was no barrier between them and the crowd, literally. The boys in the crowd were more into the music than their beer which was a good sign in a way.


The Hoa Hoa's and the holy grail of sound at midnight

The highlight of midnight and our other highly anticipated band of the night [but once again all the bands of the bands were treats]. The Hoa Hoa’s [pronounced wah-wahs]  from the local part of Toronto have been honing their sound seemingly forever, and their performance on this night at NXNE was an aural bomb of delight to the ear. The band, chiefly dressed in white looking like clones out of Sleeper, [except other guitarist in the coolest Dinosaur Jr. shirt ever] played ’tis like Stereolab on a very very good day with loopy cycles on guitar played note for note manually, and whispery and loud dynamic vocals and bass adding to the droney swirly atmosphere.


Heavy Cream at 1 a.m. churning out the punk

Heavy Cream capped off the night, at least for yours truly as that magic time came upon where late TTC riders turn to the all night bus at their own peril, From that neck of the woods in Nashville, Tennessee and armed with one minute songs in their repertoire, one might have expected The Cramps, instead Heavy Cream were monsters of pure punk monstrousness. [Monstrosities would be the wrong word.] With pure reluctance, we had to flee the comfort of comfort zone into the neon lit night, the ears ringing with the deeelight of music played for music’s sake.

/… more to come